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WHY US ? is more than just another accounting or HR outsourcing company. Being a startup ourselves, we understand the need of a startup entrepreneur. We are a one-stop shop which not only provides the Accounting, HR and Tax services but we also are affiliated with one of the best digital marketing company in India which help them advertising your product. Our business model is such that more emphasis has been given on the reporting and presentation of different results to the business which is essential for the survival and success of the company. In a nutshell, we believe in your success.

Data security

Data integrity is our priority. With the help of an inbuilt team of IT Professionals who have developed different software for us, we assure that data security is not compromised.

Dedicated Services

We have a team of talented Chartered Accountants dedicated to providing services to you. With the emergence of GST, the need for proactive accounting and updating daily bookkeeping is a must. We help businesses to comply with all the monthly regulatory requirement..


We never sell or share your data outside of Merakhata. It is our principal policy to maintain the secrecy of your data and material


  • GST Registration
  • GST accounting and consultation
  • Preparation and Filling of all the GST form
  • GST Invoicing

A Business must register for GST if it satisfies any of the following conditions:

  • If the aggregate Turnover from all the business activity in the Financial year exceed Rs. 20 Lakh (Rs. 10 Lakh for North Eastern States)
  • Making the supply or providing the services to other state
  • Having multiple branches or branches in multiple states
  • Require to pay GST under reverse charge
  • Agent of supplier
  • E -Commerce Companies or an aggregator
  • Supplies goods or service through E-commerce
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  • TDS Consultation
  • Preparation and issuance of Form 16 A & 16
  • Form 26AS reconciliation
  • Preparation and Filing of TDS Challan
  • Prepration and Filing of TDS Returns

TDS means Tax Deduced at Source i.e. persons making payments are required to deduct tax at source at defined slab rates prescribed by the Income Tax Act. In the current scenario, TDS is almost applicable on the any payment the business make. If You pay rent you are liable to deduct TDS. If you enter into contract, you are liable to deduct TDS from the payment you make. You hire a professional, you are liable to deduct TDS. Eventually applicability of TDS is on almost every payment you make. Businesses generally faces two challenges while dealing with TDS.

  1. when and what amount to deduct as TDS and
  2. Under Which head TDS to be deduct

Merakhata helps answering both these question by proactively providing the update on recent changes in the laws to the businesses and taking the training session of the company staff to cope with all the changes in the law. This will help the companies in facilitation of correct payment. Also, Since we work on real time basis, Our team reviews the daily transactions and communicate the business if there is TDS clauses attract on any transaction.

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