Complex Salary

(Package for Income More than 50 Lakh, ESOP, RSU, Multiple Employer, Rental Income, Interest and Dividend Income)

CA Assisted Income Tax Return filing for individuals having salary from Multiple Employer, ESOP and RSU Income, Rental Income from house property & income from other sources.

Plan Includes
  • Form 16 from All the Employer
  • Rental Income from House Property
  • Income from other sources including: FD, PPF, Savings, tuition, dividend, Family Pension, Agricultural Income
  • Tax credit from Form 26AS
  • Chapter VI-A deductions including: LIC, EPF, PPF, ELSS & other MFs, Medical, Principal on House property, etc

Documents Required

  • PAN
  • Form 16 of all the Employers (If applicable)
  • Employee Stock Options (RSU, ESPP, ESOP, etc.,) (If applicable)
  • Aadhaar
  • Form 26AS
  • Investment proofs
  • Bank Statements
  • Other supporting documents

Who should buy?

  • Salaried Individuals whose earning is more than Rs 50 Lakh in a Year
  • Salaried Individuals who is having Employee Stock Options (RSU, ESPP, ESOP, etc.,)
  • Rental Income from house/property
  • Individuals with income from other sources
  • Not for salaried individuals who sold mutual funds, shares & securities during the year

How it works

  • You purchase plan & provide supporting documents
  • CA prepares, reviews & files ITR
  • Expert assists to e-verify ITR
  • Free Consultation


  • CA assistance
  • Support via chat, whatsapp, email & call
  • Paperless
  • Error free ITR

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